STAT 350 Summer 2020

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Course Organization

This class is offered asynchronously over a period of 8 weeks from June 22 to August 14. Each weekday before 7 AM, the videos and activities for the day will be posted. You are responsible for completing them before 11:59 PM each day. The videos and activities for each day are expected to take 2-3 hours (remember that they are taking the place of both lecture and homework), so please budget enough time.

There will be two midterm exams, which must be taken at the following times:

In addition, there will be final project presentations, scheduled for Friday, August 19. The exact time will be determined after consultation with the students in the class.

Other than these three times, there are no scheduled meetings for the class. You are free to work on the class at whatever time is convenient for you.


Professor Dennis Sun

Kyle Muir


All communication for this course will take place on Discord, which is an application that allows users to communicate via text, audio, and video. It is similar to Slack. You should install the Discord app if you do not already have it.

To join the Discord channel for this class, go to this link and follow the instructions.

The instructors will hold office hours by hanging out in the “Office Hours” voice channel. In this voice channel, you will be able to chat with the instructors by voice or video; you will also be able to share your screen.

If you have questions outside of office hours, please type your question in one of the chat channels, and the instructors will try to respond to them as soon as possible.

For private questions, you can send direct messages to Professor Sun on Discord.


Your grade will be calculated by totaling the number of points you earn:

and dividing by the total number of possible points.


There will be two midterm exams, administered online on July 10 and July 31 from 12:10 to 1:30 PM. These exams will be open-book and open Internet. The only rule is that you are not allowed to talk to anybody other than the instructors during the exam.

There will not be a final exam. In lieu of a final exam, there will be a group final project.

Final Project

For the final project, you may work alone or with another student. Your task will be to study a random process and prepare a lesson on it.